Using IFS to scale up and deliver exceptional service

Smart Care Equipment Solutions is the largest independent provider of commercial kitchen repair in the United States. In order to meet the challenges of the changing expectations of service delivery, they decided to employ a new field service management solution. They began their search for more modern technology with clarity on three primary objectives: delivering a more modern and consistent customer experience, improving optimization of its resources, and investing in technology that would enable the company to scale service delivery as it grows both organically and through acquisition. To meet these needs, they chose IFS.

Download this customer story to see the gains that IFS has allowed Smart Care to achieve, from automation of simple processes, through delivering faster first-time fixes, to using data-rich processes to reinvent their business objectives.

Other benefits include:

  • Using data collected through IFS to scale their operations
  • Improving and standardizing customer experience
  • Optimization of technician utilization saves money, manpower, and improves time to resolution
  • Automation of simple processes allows the business to focus on important, complex jobs
  • Planning and scheduling optimization takes service-level agreement data into account to ensure optimal performance

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