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IFS 应用系统 – 经验证的企业敏捷性实现途径

    IFS 应用系统是一套独立的集成化应用系统,可帮助高要求的全球化企业成功处理四大核心流程:


    融合全企业资产管理 (EAM),维护、维修和检修 (MRO) 以及现场服务管理 (FSM) 等多项功能。


    支持流程制造、离散制造和高要求制造模式的企业资源规划 (ERP) 软件。


    其中,项目管理为核心组件,可用作项目驱动型 ERP、项目组合管理 (PPM) 等。


    可作为 ERP 和 EAM 的支持功能,或者作为航空航天和国防等高要求应用环境中的强大物流解决方案。

Software built for your industry, to run your way

IFS Applications is designed to optimize operations today for better outcomes now and in the future. Whether your business is asset intensive, product oriented or service centric, IFS Applications works the way you do. A great solution fit and outstanding user experience help you better serve customers, engage your staff and stand out from the competition.

This is IFS Applications

IFS Applications combines leading technology with an understanding of your industry to help address trends including Internet of Things, digital transformation, servitization, and individualization. It offers last-mile functionality to optimize your operations here and now, and an outstanding digital experience to engage everyone inside and outside your organization.

This is IFS Applications

Functionality Overview

IFS Applications is a complete solution that helps you connect to the future for your industry, business and people. With its component-based architecture, you decide which deep industry functionality your business and your people need to excel. Explore the possibilities.

Functionality Overview

Mobile Solutions

Real time business mean it’s critical that lines of communication remain open and information can flow freely. Our mobile solutions cater to a variety of contexts – from the ability to experience the full power of IFS on any mobile device, to specialized apps that let you get work done even when offline.

Mobile Solutions

User Experience

Our new user experience, IFS Aurena, offers a consumer-centric, customizable interface that allows you to foreground the information that’s most important and work in the way that suits you best, from any device.

User Experience