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IFS Maintenix软件套件凭借全面的功能性、先进的设计架构和面向航空行业需求的针对性,成为当今市场上可通过精益且可预测的标准化维护帮助航空公司实现航空资产的潜在收入最大化的唯一商业解决方案。


IFS Maintenix旨在以一个集成的软件解决方案对整个航空维修企业进行管理,从而实现更好的流程控制并保证合规性。通过基于角色的架构来获取和传递相关信息,企业内的每个用户都能及时得到准确的信息,从而更有效地进行工作。



IFS Maintenix 运营商版本: 用于资产管理

IFS Maintenix 机组规划器

IFS Maintenix 航线规划器

Best-of-breed software for aviation maintenance management

With a component-based architecture featuring controlled workflow, automated maintenance and materials planning, point-of-maintenance access to real-time information and paperless execution and compliance, IFS Maintenix is designed to address the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance management in a single integrated business solution. With a role-based structure for the capture and dissemination of relevant information, each user is presented with the accurate and timely information needed to do work efficiently and effectively.

IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner

Leave spreadsheets and manual updates behind for an affordable long-range planning solution. IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner scales with your fleet and works with any M&E system.

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IFS Maintenix Operator Edition

IFS Maintenix Operator Edition offers commercial organizations the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance management via a fully-integrated, web-enabled and mobile-ready software platform.

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